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No Nonsense Counseling - Chat freely about your sexuality.

What is Sexpower.online?

Sexpower focuses on destigmatizing every sexual taboo by collecting and disseminating information. We offer advice, counseling, coaching and therapy in the field of sexuality via chat. Many problems related to sexuality have a cause that is not directly due to sexuality itself. Do you want to talk about your relationship, upbringing or work? That is of course very welcome.

What is Sexpower.online NOT?

We are not a pornographically oriented sex chat. The moment our consultants feel treated with disrespect, they will block your account. This will also make your credits disappear.

We offer a non-judgmental environment based on mutual respect.

How does it work?

1. Click on the button above and register easily and quickly!
2. Buy credits, for example via iDeal. You will be returned here.
3. Select the consultant below and start the chat!

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About Sexpower.online

Dear Guest,
This chat site provides a safe space for people to share their stories and ask questions. Despite progress, sexuality still confronts various stigmas. It seems to me that this stigma is precisely what leads questions about sex-related topics such as fetishes, addiction, relationships, fears, or safety to a common theme — how to navigate through the various misunderstandings.
Why are you the way you are, and what are your thoughts on that? What do you sense from others or towards others? You might feel stuck because you seem compelled to conform to a desirable image. Even in 2024, it remains unsafe for many to express their true selves. Hopefully, one day, this website will contribute to making its own existence obsolete.
You are welcome to discuss any topic here. While I don't have all the answers and I'm not a doctor, I do have access to a helpful network of specialists whom I can refer to when needed. They can also be consulted on your behalf, allowing you to remain anonymous.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to learn more about this website.

Specializations: Kink - friendly , Sex Therapist, Sexologist
Languages: Nederlands, English

Reviews from customers (160)

Het contact met Daisy heeft me goed gedaan. Zij blinkt uit in deskundigheid op het gebied van seks en erotiek, die gestoeld is op haar persoonlijke, zeer brede ervaring. Ze is hartelijk en bezit inlevingsvermogen en wijsheid
Anonomous user 04-04-2024
empathetic, intelligent and charming. Daisy has helped me understand my kink and inclinations with a lot of depth, will return!
Anonomous user 27-03-2024
Altijd een topconsult!
Anonomous user 07-01-2024
DAISY is een levensader!!! zonder grappen ik kan niet meer leven zonder Daisy af en toe te raadplegen. Zij is zooooo goed en helpt mij enorm bij het maken van moeilijke keuzes in het leven.
Anonomous user 03-12-2023
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